0800-herbert-azalea-full-shot.jpgAt the Ray Wiegands Wholesale Distribution Center, we do our best at servicing all licensed contractors quickly and conveniently.  A licensed contractor is a customer who has obtained a current Nursery Stock Dealer License certified by the Michigan Department of Agriculture.  This license is to be updated each year.

To help us give you the best customer service possible, we encourage you to place your order by fax (586-286-3650). All perennials, groundcover, container stock, and small b&b will be pre-pulled and waiting for you the next business day. Large shade trees and conifers will be promptly pulled and loaded when you arrive.

0886-1_AkebiaquinataFiveleaf.jpgFor more information about our Wholesale Center, to log in, or to get an account, please call the Wholesale office at (586) 286-3658 or toll-free at 1-(800) 955-3658. Or visit us at 47747 Romeo Plank Road in Macomb.